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Our Customers

“Our experience with Reap Construction was uniformly positive. Their advice (which we sought and took frequently) was always on the mark. Their workmanship was excellent. They were very responsive to our many requests for changes, and reasonable on the pricing of those changes. Problem resolution was always quick and mutually satisfactory; they were quick to take responsibility for remedying their (small number of) mistakes. They sent us to exactly the right stores to choose carpet, tile, bathroom fixtures, and lighting, which was of priceless benefit. Their employees and subcontractors were pleasant to have in our house, which we were living in during the entire period of construction. They are one of the very few organizations that we can recommend without reservation. If it sounds like we’re cheerleaders, we are, but the above statements are also objectively true.”
Tom & Carol| View Project

"We first learned of Reap Construction when they built a house next door to ours in Colchester. Being a former developer myself, we were impressed with the care and on site supervision that Bob gave to that project. He was clearly a hands-on builder and that was important when considering what company would build our retirement home.

During the construction of our house, Bob and the crew worked hard to make sure that the house was built structurally to the standards that we expected, and Bob was always available to answer any questions we had on site. Their care was also evident in the finish work. From the siding and trim to the custom built-ins, you could tell that the Reap crew continually strives for and attains excellence. Everyone, including the subcontractors, was also very accommodating to changes that we made throughout the building process. Joy did an excellent job of tracking those changes, keeping us informed of the budget, managing the schedule, helping us make aesthetic and design decisions, and making sure that everyone involved in the project was on the same page. (Boy, she was busy!) Reap has also been attentive to any questions or needs we have had since construction ended, which is a testament of their dedication to their client’s happiness.
Frederick & Heike Doane | View Project

"Reap Construction helped us plan the project, identifying the best way to achieve our goals. We knew we wanted to work with them after the first meeting. Using their experience, they were able to provide valuable input to additional decisions that came up during the job. Although they worked on our house during the busiest time of the year during a cold, rainy summer, they made us feel like important customers. They were honest while being easy to work with. We're very pleased with their work and the outcome of the job, and don't hesitate to recommend them."
Jenny and Justin Robbins | View Project

"When we made the decision to remodel our home rather than move we knew that finding the right contractor and architect would be the most important decisions we would have to make. At our first meeting, we felt a confidence and trust that the Reap's were the team we wanted to work with. From our initial meetings all the way through, from start to finish, they helped us make the right decisions to meet our needs and our budget. The work is of the highest quality and they were always available to answer our questions and give us guidance."

We love the work they did and would recommend them without hesitation."
Todd and Monica | View Project

"As you know, building a house can be one of the most stressful things you can go through in life. If this is the case, then life will be a breeze!

Having Reap Construction build my dream home was one of the best choices I made in my life. As you know I am a chef and I find detail in everything I create—so was the product I purchased. I created a vision and Joy, Bob and their team (which I call family) created nothing but perfection for us.

The Reaps are the most honest people I have encountered in this trade and I have researched many."
Mark | View Project

"We bought our particular house because we loved the block it was on. But we knew the house would need a lot of work. We needed more room for our growing family, for one thing, and we wanted to change the aesthetics of the house too. We decided to work with the Reaps, and right from the start Joy warned us that a renovation as large as ours was going to be disruptive to our lives to say the least. Crews in our house all the time, noise from tools, sections of the house unusable. So we were prepared for that. What we WEREN'T prepared for was how much we loved the whole process, and more than that, how much we loved the whole Reap team!

Not very long into the project, Bob, Joy, Jamie and Ted felt like old friends. I know that might sound hard to believe, but honestly, it is true. They are consciencious, kind and incredibly good at what they do. A perfect combination! They were also so good to our three children, which was certainly not a requirement but ultimately ended up being such an important thing. They asked about their days at school, they created inside jokes with them, they remembered important events in their lives...all of which point to the fact that the Reap team all possess this warm and positive energy, and they offer it generously.

Specifically, Joy was always available, by phone or email, to answer any question or help make any decision. She thought ahead when we couldn't, she kept the crew (and us!) on a timely schedule, and she was meticulous about the budget. Joy was also the perfect design partner for me--I very quickly trusted her judgment completely, and even though we had different aesthetics I always felt much more secure in my decisions after consulting with her. Bob was also always available, either in person or by phone. He prepared us well for what the day or week or month would bring, and he was creative and proactive when we had questions or new ideas. As with Joy, we trusted Bob's judgment completely too, and as a result we were put at ease through every step of the project. Jamie was incredibly smart and hard-working, constantly solving problems and troubleshooting as he worked, and Ted was meticulous in his attention to details.

We will miss hearing the trucks pull in bright and early in the morning and greeting the Reap crew as we greeted the day. I can't tell you how important it is to us to work with people we truly like and respect. We are simply grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Joy, Bob, Jamie and Ted on something this important--the transformation of our house into our HOME.

Yes, we will miss them...and our kids will miss them too!"
Derek and Tam | View Project

"As an architect, I’ve worked with many different contractors over the last twenty years.
When it can time to refurbish the exterior of my own home I chose Reap. From the day
we first met I knew that Bob and Joy would be perfect for the job. They understood
every aspect of the project and provided detailed and fair pricing. The project started on
time and finished on time, even with a few design changes along the way. Joy was
always available in the office to deal with any of the management issues that cropped up
and Bob was always on site orchestrating the actual construction. Their entire crew was
skilled and friendly.

I’m grateful I had the opportunity to work with Joy and Bob. I consider them my friends
now – and that is the true sign of a job well done."

Sam Pugliese | View Project

"We needed to have our roof completely re-built to solve several problems including inadequate insulation. It required an unusual approach and after talking to three other builders – all of whom said “no thanks” – Bob Reap agreed to take on the job.

He and his crew did an exceptional job in a timely fashion meeting each challenge as it came along. The project ended up in Fine Home Building magazine."
Peter | View Project

"As owners of the Waybury Inn we are pleased to have the opportunity to offer our comments and pleasant experience with your company as you rebuilt the roof of the Inn. While conceptualizing the job, your communication and insight was, well insightful, positive and professional. We quickly realized that you would treat the needs of our nearly 200 year old building so that all issues, esthetically and practically would be addressed to our complete satisfaction. The product that you delivered, at the price that you quoted, with the results that we hoped to enjoy have exceeded all expectations, which by no small measure include the courtesies of you and your staff throughout the project. We are still amazed at the smoothness of the project, we were convinced it would be a laborious task that would include a good deal of frustration, we are grateful that it was quite the opposite!"
Tracey and Joe Sutton - Waybury Inn | View Project

"We have had the pleasure of working with Reap Construction twice in the last few years. From start to finish the work was done with the utmost professionalism. Bob and Joy’s crew were polite, courteous, and informative. The projects were started and finished on schedule and within budget. The work area was always left neat and orderly and great care was taken to protect the surrounding landscape. It is refreshing to work with a company that takes such obvious pride in all aspects of their business. We look forward to working with them again in the future."
Gary and Cindy King - Colchester

“Reap Construction volunteered two days of labor to build a ramp for the ferry during the Richmond bridge construction. Bob and the entire crew did an amazing job designing the ramp for the steep bank along the Winooski River. The ferry could not have happened without their skill and community spirit. Needless to say, we’re big fans of Reap Construction.”
Chapin Spencer, Executive Director of Local Motion

"We're glad we were able to work with the Reaps on our major home renovation. Their work is solid and we're proud to show off the beautiful carpentry inside and out. Throughout the project Bob and Joy were always available to answer our questions with patience and good humor. Joy's diligence on the budgeting and accounting was extraordinary. The project went so well that in the end, it was sad for our family to see the Reap crew leave!"
Erik & Elizabeth Filkorn | View Project

"This was the fourth project we have worked on with Reap Construction. In each case we were very satisfied with the work done and overall experience. In this particular project there was a lot of coordination with subcontractors. Joy kept them all on task and schedule and made sure we were happy with the results.

In each instance that we have worked with Bob and Joy and their team, we have found the work to be a high quality, the costs within budgets, the project done on time, and the people very pleasant to work with."
Tim and Mary | View Project

"This spring we were looking for contractor to design and build an addition for our home. We wanted someone who was reliable, easy to work with, and also a contractor who was engaged in the actual build, not just someone who would run the project from afar and send an invoice. We could not be any happier than with our choice of Reap Construction. They have been nothing but professionals, craftsmen, and overall good people.

Joy is consistently timely, and runs an extremely fair project. She has the uncanny ability to see the forest through the trees and was able to keep a complex project on time, on budget, and in control. At all times we felt as though we knew what was going on, what was next, and were never surprised by any "gotchas". She always had smart guidance when we were stuck, and knew when to say " OK" even though our decisions might have been a bit non-standard.

What we liked best about Bob was that he was an active participant in the job, and was always there to give us the correct guidance in what was reality and how it was going to look in the end. To that end, what we envisioned is exactly the way our project came out in the end. One can tell that all of the Subs on the job have the utmost respect for Bob and it shows in their attention to detail as well.

Also, we could not have imagined our project without Ted. His attention to detail and craftsmanship has created a space that is truly unique and stunning. We feel as though all of the structure and detail of our home is of the highest quality, and that is truly custom.

And lastly, the whole Reap crew was always prompt, friendly, and above all professionals in their own rights. We always felt that whatever specific part of the job was being worked on, it was getting done right.

So, in the end, we have a space that we always wanted, and we know it will last forever. We would never hesitate to use Reap Construction again from another addition, to another new home build."
Rick and Sherri Gouse | View Project

"Bob and Joy Reap, along with their amazing crew, built us our custom home this past year. They worked diligently through the harshest weather conditions, while maintaining quality and craftsmanship in every area. They caught several mistakes in our design, beforehand, which saved us time and money. It was absolutely clear that our satisfaction was the most important thing to them throughout the entire project. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to Reap Construction for making our dream home a reality."
Bruce and Amy Leo | View Project

"Susan and I could not be happier with the product of our work with Reap Construction. The final result reflects not only their crew’s considerable skill, but also their very close attention to our own aesthetics and choices. In their multitude of tool boxes, there is not a single cookie cutter."

Communication with the company is excellent. Joy is always at the other end of the phone or email; answers to questions or concerns are practically instantaneous.

Bob, Joy, and their employees are a pleasure to deal with. Their work is outstanding and on budget. I can’t recommend them more highly."
Jim Barker | View Project

"The Proctor Center is very happy with our new research building. We absolutely needed to be in the new building by the start of the sugaring season. In September Reap Construction agreed to take on our project only after they were sure that they could finish on time and within budget. Bob and the crew were able to make the best of a particularly harsh winter job site and finished on schedule. It is clear that they take their jobs very seriously and are unhappy unless it is done right. Reap Construction's communication during the project was excellent and their timely construction and problem solving abilities made for a very successful season in our new building."
Mark Isselhardt, University of Vermont, Proctor Maple Research Center | View Project

"We have been nothing but impressed with Reap Construction . Owners Bob and Joy are knowledgeable, have a complete understanding of our vision for the project, and our needs. There isn't a week that has gone by in which they haven't either saved us significant savings or have improved upon what we had planned (and no additional cost!). Our project is big, complicated, involves many government and private sector partners -- they handle it with professionalism, and are extremely efficient."
Thomas Hark, President, Vermont Youth Conservation Corps | View Project

"Reap Construction has worked at both our home and business. All of their budgets, timelines, commitment and quality work have been refreshing and valuable. As well, they are thoughtful and considerate of the disruption and work extremely hard to accommodate the households' needs.

I recommend Reap Construction without reservation.”
Linda Kelliher

The Kitchen Table Bistro has had the pleasure of using Reap Construction on several projects. The Reaps always bring the highest professional level, amazing talent and skill, and complete the given project in a very timely manner. Response to questions or concerns has always been prompt, and always with the feeling that our needs were their main concern. We would highly recommend Reap Construction to anyone and will use them in the future on other projects.
Steve Atkins, The Kitchen Table Bistro
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