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Letters From The Partners

Letter From The Partners
At Reap Construction, it is our goal to make sure that all of our customers are happy not only with the final product, but also the process that gets them there. We understand that communication, honesty, and a good working relationship on all ends are important to making sure that the building process goes well. We encourage open conversations and feedback from our clients and try to do the same.

Bob and I also feel that the quality of our work environment is as important as the work we produce. We strive to provide a happy, healthy and safe place for our employees to work. That is why we choose the jobs we take and the people we work for very carefully. As a small company that isn't always easy, but we have learned that it pays off in the end.

In short, we're in this for the long haul. We want to be a company that is still respected in 20 years, by its clients and employees alike. It is our feeling that hard work alone does not earn respect, it is how you work, whom you work with and the finish product that creates a reputation. We hope that we can only continue to build on the reputation we've earned thus far.

Robert and Joy Reap
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